Will Grandma have a place in the new Chinatown-International District?

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Open Letter: Community group questions rapid changes in Chinatown International District

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“According to a survey we collected at the meeting, the vast majority of participants opposed the development and feel “bad” or “very bad” both about the proposed 14-story hotel on 8th and Lane, as well as how the City has generally engaged the community around issues of development. In response to the proposed development, the community also expressed concerns about increases in traffic, decreases in pedestrian safety, disruption in access to services and daily needs, exacerbation of issues of affordability that would lead to displacement of existing residents and small businesses, and loss of a sense of community, culture, and heritage. ”

Read our open letter to the City of Seattle Department of Neighborhoods’ International Special District Review (ISRD) Board Coordinator Rebecca Frestedt and the ISRD board.