Chinatown/International District (CID) Coalition PRINCIPLES:


Justice and Equity

We’re gonna preserve our neighborhood for the people who built it. Growth should come from within. We’re the ones who should dictate that growth.” – Uncle Bob Santos

  • Housing as a Human Right. Development without Displacement. Fair and Equal Access to Resources and Opportunities.
  • Right to self-determination, community control, and collective ownership to build vibrant, safe, healthy, and equitable neighborhoods.
  • Combating patriarchy, racism and anti-blackness, classism, ageism, transphobia and homophobia, ableism, imperialism, environmental racism, and organizing across these and other oppressive systems.
  • Grounded in our cultural roots, celebrate, learn from, and hold ourselves accountable to legacies of resistance and resilience – including that of Coast Salish indigenous peoples.


Collective/Democratic Participation

We do not inherit the Earth from our ancestors—we borrow it from our children.” – Chief Seattle/siʔaɫ

  • Power in organizing as an intergenerational community and respecting the voices of elders and youth.
  • Prioritize, empower and develop sustainable leadership and leadership development of most impacted and marginalized voices
  • Community-based solutions
  • Shared responsibility in establishing and maintaining accountability and integrity of the CID Coalition
  • Accessibility, including language and cultural competency


Accountable Love Ethic

Serve community with patience, grace and love.”  – bell hooks

  • Trust built on relationships and genuine connections
  • Practice compassion and social generosity: strive towards reconciliation, no disposability, assume good intentions, respect diverse perspectives.
  • Practice direct communication and welcome conflict
  • Practice self care and community care


Creative Empowerment

“We are the ones we have been waiting for.”  – June Jordan

  • Anything is Possible
  • Empowerment through art, creativity, and cultural sharing
  • Celebrate multiculturalism, diversity and inclusion
  • Invest in creative, accountable solutions


Other sources of inspiration:


Open Letter: Community group questions rapid changes in Chinatown International District

Screen Shot 2017-05-18 at 11.49.18 PM

“According to a survey we collected at the meeting, the vast majority of participants opposed the development and feel “bad” or “very bad” both about the proposed 14-story hotel on 8th and Lane, as well as how the City has generally engaged the community around issues of development. In response to the proposed development, the community also expressed concerns about increases in traffic, decreases in pedestrian safety, disruption in access to services and daily needs, exacerbation of issues of affordability that would lead to displacement of existing residents and small businesses, and loss of a sense of community, culture, and heritage. ”

Read our open letter to the City of Seattle Department of Neighborhoods’ International Special District Review (ISRD) Board Coordinator Rebecca Frestedt and the ISRD board.